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The Uncrowned King

In a congested rap landscape a militant MC with respect for the art of wordplay, musical integrity and a respect for the sacred power of music has emerged from Chicago, hip hop’s latest hot bed for talent. Up steps Mikkey Halsted a product of the Southside of Chicago’s notorious Wild 100’s section. If the master’s degree in education does not hint at the extraordinary aptitude of this master of ceremony then certainly the first entrée into the music of Mikkey will leave a listener refreshed with the idea that the revolution just might be closer than previously contemplated. Read the rest of this entry »


Born and raised on the eastside of Chicago, Greg “Y.P” Cherry, is the city’s newest young artist to burst onto the hip-hop scene. With a growing reputation, Y.P’s debut has proved his array of distinguished style and lyricism. Read the rest of this entry »


Born in the ‘80s in Los Angeles, California, El Prez has experienced everything from the devastating ‘92 LA Riots, to growing up with mixed heritage in South Central LA. An ardent fan of Rap music from an early age, El Prez credits artists such as LL Cool J and Run-DMC for his interest in the field which led him to pursue a career as a Rap artist by the time he graduated from high school. By the time he entered college, he quickly gained the attention of fellow students selling over 2,000 copies of his first solo project out of his backpack and later became the first unsigned artist to perform in concert at Cal State University of Northridge. Read the rest of this entry »

Grip Plyaz – Fuck Dat Hipster Shit (live) from Motion Family on Vimeo.

Grip performing “Fuck Dat Hipster Shit” live at Club Crucial 10/08/09.

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Double D “Yessir” LIVE in Atlanta BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend from TJ Chapman on Vimeo.

On October 8th in Atlanta, a VERY Special Edition of Leaders of the New Cool took place at Club Crucial with Grand Hustle!! What was so great and unique about this event (aside from the fact that we sold out a 1500 capacity venue) was that many were skeptical about our goal of uniting Atlanta’s “alternative/hipster” scene with a “hood” crowd. Fortunately, as many in attendance can attest, this turned out not to be the case and Club Crucial that night was full of diversity. Turns out, people just want to have a good time and catch these great artists as their careers gain steam. RECAPS coming soon!

A.P., Monica Rush, Jeanine from Yours Truly

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