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In his world there are sounds: blues, hip-hop housed on harmonic bliss, Lennon, Hendrix’s flaming guitar sprouting revolutions in his soul. Growing up he felt strange. And like most outcasts, he ran to the only savior he knew: music. “I was an only child,” Spree Wilson says.  “So I kind of built this fantasy world around myself. I would just get lost in the music I loved.” And the music seemed to have gotten lost in Spree Wilson – the 26-year-old writer, producer, rapper, and musician – whose been heralded by fans, stars and critics as one of the most important up-and-coming artists of this decade. It was his unique fusion of soul, rock, and hip-hop with a 60s pop feel clustered in modern funk that caught the ears of everyone from music sensation Jay Electronica, to musical visionary Dallas Austin and legendary beat-maker and mentor to Kanye West, No I.D. Read the rest of this entry »


This show was definitely a hot one and we are so proud of how the movement is growing and how awesome every performance was! A special night for sure. Special thanks to Q-tip, Vashtie Kola, Jacob and Paul Parris from Vinnie’s Styles in Brooklyn, GFC New York, and reps from Sony, Jive, Def Jam, Warner Bros, Kingpin Group and more for attending. VERY special thanks to Crack Distributors Radio (CDR) for covering the show and providing us with this awesome video 🙂

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