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“Hiooooooo!!” When you hear this signature call, you know it means a good time. You know it means juking, drinking and good music. You know it means debauchery, insanity and all around fun. You know it means Mic Terror. Mic Terror, the self-proclaimed “Black Bart Simpson”, is the next big thing to come out of Chicago rap. He’s a rapper who rhymes with rapid-fire punch lines, astonishing precision and big enough balls to say whatever is on his mind. Mic Terror aka The Pipeman aka King of the New School is a Chicago-based emcee who rhymes strictly about his own reality, straying far from fabrication and over-exaggeration. “I represent the average Joe…I only rap about things that actually happen in my life,” he says. Read the rest of this entry »


Currently managed by’s Mike Waxx, 16-year-old Nero will be a part of a Leaders of the New Cool event in the very near future as his career continues to grow! Click here for more info, including a download link to his really dope “Relive The Moment” mixtape! Read the rest of this entry »


Dom Kennedy graced the streets of Los Angeles in 2008 with the release of his debut project, entitled 25th Hour. The Leimert Park native made a name for himself by performing at various events and venues including the popular Sneaker Pimps Tour and the world famous House of Blues. The amazing response to his live shows ignited his ambitions to self-produce, distribute and promote the classic 25th Hour mix-tape. Dom followed up in the spring of 2009 with the independent release of FutureStreet/DrugSounds, an all-original project that elevated him to a nation-wide audience. Read the rest of this entry »

Hollyweerd performs “I Want to Meet Her” (Produced by Spree Wilson)

Justice League artist Laws performs “Rain” and “Free”