The Leaders of the New Cool

Artist Profile: Mic Terror (Leaders of the New Cool Chicago)

Posted on: November 29, 2009


“Hiooooooo!!” When you hear this signature call, you know it means a good time. You know it means juking, drinking and good music. You know it means debauchery, insanity and all around fun. You know it means Mic Terror. Mic Terror, the self-proclaimed “Black Bart Simpson”, is the next big thing to come out of Chicago rap. He’s a rapper who rhymes with rapid-fire punch lines, astonishing precision and big enough balls to say whatever is on his mind. Mic Terror aka The Pipeman aka King of the New School is a Chicago-based emcee who rhymes strictly about his own reality, straying far from fabrication and over-exaggeration. “I represent the average Joe…I only rap about things that actually happen in my life,” he says.


Although he may rep Joe six-pack, Mic is pretty far from what you’d call “average”. In fact, he’s pretty extraordinary. Born and raised in Riverdale, a suburb right on the outskirts of Chicago, Mic Terror has become a highly-praised and repeated name on the Chicago club and street circuit, performing regularly with artists such as The Cool Kids , Hollywood Holt and GLC. However, people are beginning to take notice in the distinctive lyricists’ skill and potential, such as MIA, Travis from Gym Class Heroes, Famous DJ Duo Flosstradamus and a handful of other elitists of the music scene. Now, Mic is preparing to take the world by storm, armed with a new school style, and old school swagger, and a presence that’s all his own.





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