The Leaders of the New Cool


Posted on: October 25, 2009

The Leaders of the New Cool is a live music and Internet movement celebrating the most promising musicians who are poised for mainstream success. Featured artists selected to be a part of these shows and our site are chosen for their current internet, radio, and print media buzz, and are poised to become the trendsetters and superstars of tomorrow. Not only will highlight all upcoming official shows, but will also feature artist updates incuding video releases, mixtape or album releases, and any other major development in the careers of the members of this talented group

We encourage YOU to interact and give immediate reaction to the calls we make for who we consider the future movers and shakers. In the process, is about building lasting partnerships with featured artists and following up on their journey to mainstream success. Stay tuned for events coming to a city near you as we work together to discover what and who defines the “New Cool”.

Leaders of the New Cool live events are currently based in NYC and Atlanta, with dates in Los Angeles and Chicago coming soon.  With continued success and positive responses from YOU, the fans, we hope to touch markets all across the US and eventually, Worldwide!

Upcoming Dates:

December 2nd, 2009
Leaders of the New Cool CHICAGO
Funky Buddha Lounge
728 W. Grand St.
Doors Open 9pm-3am
Hosted by: Dave Jeff (PHLI)
Music by: Hollywood Holt

Performances by: Mic Terror, LEP Bogus Boys, Mikkey Halsted, ADaD, YP and Special guest Spree Wilson



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