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Artist Profile: El Prez

Posted on: October 22, 2009


Born in the ‘80s in Los Angeles, California, El Prez has experienced everything from the devastating ‘92 LA Riots, to growing up with mixed heritage in South Central LA. An ardent fan of Rap music from an early age, El Prez credits artists such as LL Cool J and Run-DMC for his interest in the field which led him to pursue a career as a Rap artist by the time he graduated from high school. By the time he entered college, he quickly gained the attention of fellow students selling over 2,000 copies of his first solo project out of his backpack and later became the first unsigned artist to perform in concert at Cal State University of Northridge.

As part of the resurgent hip hop scene bubbling in LA recently, El Prez describes his style as, “part Pharcyde, and part Chuck D, with a dose of 91’ Ice Cube thrown in. Basically I’m Hip Hop from 88’ to 93’ being found in a time capsule by people in the year 3000.” Definitely Back-to-the-Future but never retro, El Prez’s lyrics captivate the listener with out of this world references to everything from Kobe Bryant’s jersey number to 80’s TV show “MacGyver” in his rhymes about everyday life in the City of Angels.

Since starting out, El Prez has generated widespread buzz and respect from fans, media, and industry executives alike because of his aggressive stage show and the release of his music videos, “Uaintuponthis!” with fellow Inglewood residents Thurzday and Y-O of U-N-I, “It is what it is” featuring DNEZ, and “Floss Angeles” with the FCC fam. The tremendous response has led to worldwide coverage throughout the Internet and over 50,000 downloads of his projects, “Prezanomics”, “The Daily Show”, and “Perfect Strangers” since their various releases throughout 2008-09. El Prez has collaborated and/or shared the stage with noted artists such as Fashawn, J. Cole, Teedra Moses, Shawn Chrystopher, Wale, Little Brother, Diz Gibran, Pac Div, Blu, Bad Lucc, U-N-I, Donny Goines, Tanya Morgan, Glasses Malone, TiRon and others out of the revitalized LA hip hop scene, which has presented him with opportunities to perform in places such as San Francisco, Atlanta (A3C Hip Hop Festival), Dallas, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and other cities nationwide thus far.


The Internet has been a worthy medium for El Prez and serves as a base where DJ’s to avid music listeners can enjoy his music and videos worldwide and lend tremendous support to his movement. Thru the Internet, El Prez has been hand picked as one of Hip Hop Official’s Artist’s of the Week, URB Magazine’s Next 1000 artists to watch for in 2008, and has garnered reviews and interviews from,,,,,,,, Myspace Music,, Scheme Magazine, Jenesis Magazine, and Substream magazine amongst others. Recently, El Prez and his latest project, “Perfect Strangers”, has enjoyed success as one of BET’s “Must Have Mixtapes of 2009” as well as his contributions to production duo LAUSD’s “Curly Tops & Nautica Jackets”, which was also recognized by and has one of the top mixtapes of 09. El Prez has also enjoyed success as a model for IM-King clothing’s Fall/Winter 2009 Lookbook, as well as collaborating with Ek5obition Clothing on a Limited Edition T-Shirt for the track “Floss Angeles”, which has sold out in stores/sites across the country. Other streetwear brands have also noticed El Prez’s influence and popularity and have sponsored him with apparel and advertising campaigns in order to gain an advantage with the “SoCal Lifestyle” El Prez represents.

El Prez represents Change; and “change” is good, whether it’s running a country, or having something to nod your head to in the whip. So take that bs out of your iPod and make a “change” to El Prez! Next up on the menu is “Animal Style!”, dropping Winter 2009.


Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week Interview:

Jenesis Magazine October 2009 Issue Link:


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