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Artist Profile: Stalley

Posted on: October 20, 2009



When the times get tough, the tough gets’it going. Hailing from Massillon, a small-town in the blue-collar state of Ohio. The value of hard work and determination is what’s instilled in a young Kyle Myricks. Practicing diligently on the basketball courts, the first time Kyle would hear of what he was to come would be from his father. At games, his father would watch as he worked the ball into the paint, taking hits to the body as he floated towards the rim for a score. Afterwards he would say “Son, you were a stallion out there.” That dedication and skill would eventually lead Kyle to playing Division 1 basketball in Michigan on a full scholarship. His time out there would be brief though, after a foot injury would indefinitely sideline him and end his dreams of playing professional basketball. Where most would be deterred by such a set back, Kyle would not only continue to move forward as his stallion spirit says to but also reclaim it as his new calling.



With deflated hoop dreams set aside, Stalley would move to New York to pursue his second passion; music. Having played the bench to basketball for much of his life. Music was now going to be the new starting point, the step forward, and the center of his u-n-i verse. In 2008 alone, he connected with Ohio’s own Terry Urban on his mixtape release “Goin Ape” as well as toured opening for Mos Def. Currently Stalley has aligned himself with ALIFE, LRG and GFCnewyork, the collective responsible for the success of Mickey Factz. He’s recently released his 2nd project titled “MadStalley: The Autobiography.” On the project he confides in the listener about his life’s experiences up to this point, over re-worked Madlib productions.


History has proven to us that tough times and rough circumstances breed Champions. Massillon’s Stallion is putting his whole state on his back, as he pursues his championship in music. As he walks off the court of his high school alma mater Massillon Washington, Stalley candidly says “I’m bringing the theme music of champions back home to Ohio. All Lebron has to do is get us that trophy so we can celebrate.”

CDR: stalley/
GreyGoose Rising Icons/Emerging Talent Campaign:


Performance Videos

Stalley – Slim’s Return

Stalley – Babblin’

Stalley – Joy of Love

Stalley – Stay

Stalley – Distant Land

Stalley – Steppin Into Tomorrow

Stalley: SneakerPimps [Philly]


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