The Leaders of the New Cool

Artist Profile: Ms.Brown

Posted on: August 26, 2009


Warner Bros. Records recording artist Shanelle Brown’s career began with a leap of faith. At just 20 years-old, Shanelle, whose mother and father are both pastors, left her home in Baltimore and moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in the arts. Although her parents didn’t support her goal to become a professional singer, Shanelle was determined to realize her dream. Now, with her first single “Wonderland” spinning on radio across the country, Shanelle is confident she’s made all the right moves.

In 2004, Shanelle Brown packed up her life in Maryland and moved just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Although she was raised in the church, Shanelle never sang in any choir. The only experience she had singing before moving to Atlanta was hanging out on Baltimore’s Federal Hill as a teenager, where kids would meet up for impromptu freestyle sessions.

“Federal Hill is an actual man-made hill overlooking the city, it’s really inspirational,” says Shanelle of her former breeding ground. “A whole bunch of us used to go up there and just have a good time rapping and singing. Eventually it just grew into something I really loved. I started writing and realized it was something I wanted to do.”

Shanelle also realized she was an extremely gifted songwriter. Shortly after relocating to Georgia, she invested $100 into two hours of studio time and recorded a demo. “Music is definitely the way I express myself,” she says. “I’m not one to sit down and talk to you and open up. But if I sit down with a pen or with my laptop and I get to typing, it’s a different story. My music really expressive, I’m a very visual writer. Every song is my baby and no baby is premature.”


Shanelle’s demo was ultimately passed to Kevin Clark who owned a high profile recording studio in Atlanta. Kevin was so impressed with Shanelle’s raw talent that he decided to sign her to his newly formed label S Line Records in March of 2007.
“When I first went to the studio, Kevin had all the heavy hitters out of Atlanta in there,” remembers Shanelle. “We really don’t have a lot of people coming out of Baltimore, so to see that and to see who he knew and got respect from them made me respect everything he said.”

nFor the next four months, Shanelle spent every waking hour in the studio, listening to and recording new tracks. With Kevin’s close industry ties, the aspiring songstress was able to sit and work with a bevy of producers and in turn get the attention of key major label executives. “I was doing shows around Atlanta and word got around,” says Shanelle. “It all happened a lot faster than I expected it to.”

Ms. Brown will be performing LIVE at Leaders of the New Cool events in NYC on 8/19 and ATL on 8/22!!! Don’t miss out!


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