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Artist Profile: Stanza

Posted on: August 19, 2009


Growing up listening to music ranging from Soul, Gospel, and R&B, it wasn’t until hearing Eightball & MJG’s “Coming Out Hard” that Stanza would fall in love with hip-hop. While this influence led him to initially try his hand at production, he quickly discovered his talent for writing. Some of his first recordings were as a member of a group, but it wasn’t until after going solo and then a chance meeting years later with his future partners that Stanza’s music would further evolve.

After releasing his first project “The Mixtape” at the beginning of 2004, Stanza gained some notoriety with his song ‘Find A Way’ which earned him independent radio spins and press coverage. The positive reception prompted him and his partners to form Marquee Rhythms immediately beginning work on his next project, “No. 2”, which was released in late 2004. This second project focused more on original compositions. It subsequently silenced any prior criticisms and further solidified Stanza’s reputation as an artist to watch.

After nearly two years of recording, 2006 saw the release of his official debut “Name This Album” which featured no guest appearances and was the subject of praise from artists and fans alike. Fast forward 3 years. Stanza united with the business savy Strong Arm Management to give himself the opportunity to fully focus on his music. As a result of this powerful alliance both his industry presence and fan base have increased due to their strategic online and street campaigns. Continuing to build his buzz with the new single ‘ATL (A Town Love)’ together they are traveling an unwavering path on the road to success.


For booking, drops or more info

Contact: Fort Knox

Phone: 404-441-2059



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