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Artist Profile: Mama’s Mustache

Posted on: August 11, 2009


What do you get when you mix a Grammy winning, multi-platinum hip-hop producer with a critically acclaimed singer? Whatever your answer is, scratch it. Mama’s Mustache probably doesn’t fit the mold.

Comprised of former OutKast producer Mr. DJ, along with Jeff B who was one-fourth of the short-lived singing group Co-Ed, the two met about five years ago and decided to combine their distinctive talents to make some even more distinctive music.

“We’re total opposites that compliment each other,” DJ explains. “So we [are] at it all day, but it works creatively.”

So far, their lead single, “Job Hunting” has already got the blog world going crazy, and even Greg Street felt compelled to chime in on their unique fusion of hip-hop, R&B, rock and Euro. Their new project, The Album Before the Album, looks to keep things moving in an unpredictable direction.


“I don’t think one particular song will ever embody Mama’s Mustache because we recreate ourselves at every turn,” says Jeff.
Mama’s Mustache is mixing soul, hip-hop, rock, and funk and serving it up on a thought provoking platter. Songs such as “Heavy Metal”, and the self titled track “Mama’s Mustache” display the groups eclectic yet relatable style.

Catch Mama’s Mustache performing LIVE at Lenny’s Bar in Atlanta on August 22nd, 2009!


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