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Artist Profile: Big Chad Famous

Posted on: August 5, 2009


Driven is the best word to describe Chad Welch aka Big Chad Famous. Chad has known the importance of working hard for what you want since he was a kid growing up in Fayetteville, Georgia. In middle school he started writing and spitting hip hop lyrics. During high school he started free styling on campus, but he still didn’t have the means to record his music.

After graduating from high school, Chad teamed up with some friends to form a group and he saved up for a CD duplicator. The process was tedious, but Chad was determined to get his music to potential fans. The crowd Chad was hanging out with started to stray down the wrong path, so he decided to part ways and focus more on writing lyrics. A good friend gave him Acid 4.0 and immediately Chad started recording his songs with the small amount of equipment he had access to. He put out a mix tape called “That Fayetteville Shit” which created a buzz around his home town.

In 2008, Chad joined up with the Early Morning Studio (EMS) family. Chad immediately started working on his first album, “Big Chad Famous,” with Andy Slagle of FishHawk, co-owner of EMS. On September 5, 2008, Chad performed as Big Chad Famous for the first time at Lenny’s in Atlanta. His first performance created an immediate hype. In less than a year, Chad has done more than most artists hope to do in a lifetime. He has already been signed to Abstract Logic Recordings. named him their top artist and shot his first video for their commercial which has aired on the NBC and MTV networks. Chad’s music is unique because he does not confine himself to one genre. His tracks bring something different to hip hop, each song has its own unique sound that cannot be classified as one genre. No one will get bored listening to Chad’s album.


Chad has quickly become a favorite artist to book by Atlanta’s top promoters and venues because he always attracts a large, devoted crowd. The amount of local support he has obtained in less than one year is mind blowing. He has already performed at some of the biggest parties in Georgia. Chad’s determination, work ethic, and drive are a force to be reckoned with. If you want to keep up with the path of hip hop, keep your eyes on Big Chad Famous, this is just the beginning.

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