The Leaders of the New Cool

Artist Profile: Muffy

Posted on: July 13, 2009



Muffy Cupcakeopia is Hip-Pop, Alternative-Glam Sweet! Muffy was born in Detroit to musical parents. Her mother sang with funk pioneer George Clinton, her father played the BASS and the “Real MAn” who raised her plays the piano and was a musical engineer out of Detroit “dats How he met mommy”. From birth she was always encouraged to express herself creatively. As a teen she was unexpectedly uprooted and transplanted to Newark, N.J. Without the security of home, she felt she had to be “everything at once.” This move spawned the emergence of Muffy Cupcakeopia.


Cute. Independent. Sexy. Tough. Determination lead Muffy to Atlanta, GA. It was there in the southern music capital that acclaimed Platinum manager Coach K began guiding her career. He introduced her to Maverick Super-Producer Bangledesh . Together they have produced ironically titled tracks like “Dope Boy” which have nothing to do with drugs and everything to do with swag. Muffy now laughs at the days when she had to sneak and sell candy in school to buy her prom dress. Her quirky fashion is a reflection of her musical influences. Blondie to Beyonce. Bjork to Badu. All of these women represent independence. Her song “Let Em hate” dismisses anyone who isn’t “On what I’m on.” This attitude actually inspired her to coin the phrase YummyPops to describe her fans or anyone doing whatever they do to the fullest. YummyPops identify with her Uncensored lyrics and Unapologetic sexuality. Even though her mouth is Tart, she is still Sweet….

You can catch Muffy at Leaders of the New Cool in NYC at Drom on August 19th!

For music and more photos of Muffy, check her out at

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