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Artist Profile: Embassy Music Board

Posted on: July 5, 2009


The South is arguably one of the most significant areas in hip hop, producing chart-topping marquee artists; such as Ludacris, Scarface, T.I., Lil Wayne and many other artists. The Atlanta native group of four — Embassy Music Board (EMB) takes no exception, hoping to one day join the ranks of southern hip hop royalty. Each member of the multi-ethnic group radiates personality and culture: Baby D.O.E. of Jamaican roots, K.O. of American roots along with brothers Manolo and Big A of Panamanian descent — all believed in selecting a name that fit their multi racial group. As the word “embassy” suggests a presence all over the world, EMB was created as the new ambassadors of hip hop. Since the groups inception, the members had visions of creating universal music “We wanted a name that rightfully and best described what we wanted to accomplish in the music industry, which is to take our music globally” explains Manolo.

The ever-changing music genre, hip-hop, is constantly moving in new exciting directions, locally as well as globally. EMB has grown musically; their sound is an ergonomic blend of reggae, fused with popular southern hip hop, and hints of R&B. Not your typical southern rap group. Embassy Music Board are more than your “fictional bling talk” and “big booty” music rehash, from their song topics to lyrical word play; EMB provides their fans with a refreshing sound. Embassy Music Board has a certified hit on their hands with lead single “Pose” and street anthem, “City is Mine.”


In just a short time, EMB has carved out a voice in music that is unmistakably their own. To date, EMB performs on a weekly basis, doing shows all over Atlanta – creating hysteria everywhere they perform; keeping them on the radar of all A&Rs of major labels. The group is currently working on their mixtape hosted by Teknikz which is set to drop March 2009. In between the mixtape launch EMB is also working on their debut album.

For more information on the Embassy Music Board check out

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